Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Colour Works Products Inspired Look

Sparkly Brown Granite

This is the product I used, you may have seen this before in a previous haul post as a possible christmas gift idea for a young teenager.

After playing around with this kit, I have come to the decision that these colours are far too shimmery for any one over the age of 22, but are perfect for anyone younger.
They are so very easy to use, very pigmented, very soft, almost creamy in texture.  They are very crumbly, but the fall out is not too bad.
The only downside to this kit is the eye dusts, they are very difficult to use, just getting them on to a brush is a mission.
I would have liked a matte shade or two, but that isn't too much of a issue.  It just means that the pictures i took of this look didn't come out very well.  By the time I remembered to photograph my make-up it was already dark outside so the flash didn't do it justice.
However, it does show their staying power :-)
Yay for cheap yet good quality products
(n.b. I did use an eye primer and a colour base though)

You will need:

A good eye primer, I used E.L.F. Mineral Eye Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
The white eye shadow in this palette
The brown eye shadow in this palette
The colour underneath the brown
And the reddish toned colour on the end of the second row
The colour works mascara

 Place an eye primer all over the lid
Put the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk over the top, gently bend out with your finger
Apply the white eye shadow to the inner corner and the brow bone
Apply the lighter brown shade to the rest of the lid and blend out
Add the brown shade to the outer corner and wing it out
Place over the top of this wing the red toned colour to warm it up
Using a damp brush, turn the brown into an eyeliner (you can use the back of your hand as an artists palette to mix in some of the black if you wish you darken it up)
Apply this as you would a gel eye liner, however, leave the inner corner
Line the lower lash line as well, but this time mixing the brown with the red toned eye shadow so that it isn't too dark and blends will with the winged out shadow.
Use the colour works mascara, but use sparingly.


Ciao Bella
Gina xxx

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