Friday, 7 January 2011

Where have I been? + Book Review

Blogging fail.
Many apologies for not blogging regularly enough.  I would say I have been busy but that would be a lie.  Without a job days seem to merge together and then the next time you look at a calender a whole week could have flown by without me even noticing.

Still I like to think I made the most out of my time bumming about the house.  I have read a hell of a lot of books over the last month or so.  When I read I can loose a whole day due to falling into a good book.  Jasper Fforde brought out a "children's" book called "The Last Dragonslayer" that I just HAD to read because I love his Thursday Next Books.  It wasn't that great a read actually, but I still managed to finish it in just 3 sittings so it can't be too bad.  He ranted a lot about the way we view animal charities, I think he is another of those "bugs matter" people, which is fine, but you don't need to preach about it in a children's novel.

I have also added to my collection of Tamora Pierce Books, with "Terrier" and "Bloodhound".  I love love love Temora Pierce's books, but they don't publish them in England anymore, well, actually, they do, they just don't stock her older works anymore.  "The Song of the Lioness" Quartet which is my favourite Tamora Pierce book (I've got all four in one big tomb of a book) has been much loved and is falling apart, I desperately want to replace it, but I can't even find it, even on Amazon, which is a HUGE shame.

Still I am chuffed to have "Terrier" and "Bloodhound" on my bookshelf.  I read Terrier in about 2 sittings.  I loved the return of Faithful/Pounce the cat.  The protagonist of the book, Bekah, is a likable character.  She is a familiar lead role that centers in all of Tamora's books.  A stubborn, headstrong girl, who has suffered from neglect or loss from family and who seeks life.  She is a "puppy" (trainee dog) to Tunstall and Goodwin.  These two dogs (guardsmen/policeman) make this book brilliant.  Their portrayal makes you love them instantly.  Thankfully they will feature throughout the trilogy which is great because they make Bekah who she is, a determined dog who will sniff out her rat no matter the cost.  When Bekah is with Tunstall and Goodwin she loves her job so much so she lives sleeps and breaths the criminal cases she is working on, which makes this book fast paced and very interesting.  I would highly recommend it and any/all of Tamora Pierce's other books.

Other books I have read this month:

Multiple Katie Fforde books
Maria V. Snyder's Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study
Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl

Of course in between all this reading came Christmas and New Years.  Christmas was a small family affair, my brother came up Christmas Eve to stay with us, mum cooked a fab feast and was rewarded with a huge Christmas present from myself, my dad and my brother (a pro table tennis table)

New Years was also a quiet one, one of my uncles came up with his wife and daughters for dinner and games on new years eve and on new years day we went over to our neighbours house for amazing cakes and a festive catch up with all the villagers.

Sadly I didn't get any make up for Christmas so I'm lacking greatly on inspiration, especially since my artwork has taken a front seat as my creativity outlet at the moment, still you never know, tomorrow is another day.

Ta ta for now
Gina xxx

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