Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Barry M Lip Paint Collection

Barry M has probably my favourite and most colourful range of lip “paints”.
Being a drug store brand they are cheap (just £4.49) and very easy to get a hold of. 
However, the shops tend to only have a few colours in stock; if you wish to see the full range of Barry m lip paint colours visit their website:
I quite like their website, the swatches are not that great, but their site is easy to navigate, the time it takes to dispatch your order is quick and efficient and they package your items well.
My only quibble with this brand is that you don’t get the colour names on the packaging; you can only identify each colour by a number. 
On the website they have names, but I don’t see the point, why bother naming the colours if all you get is a number on the packaging?  Oh well never mind
I have 12 of their lip paints and I love them, love the packaging and love the formulation (on the most part)
Here I will swatch them in order of colour, from the lightest shades through to the darkest.

100 Baby Pink: Matte, very pigmented but quite drying.  It’s too light for me
113 Sheer Pink: Hence the name, it isn’t as pigmented as the others, but it isn’t as drying either
130 Pale Pink Sparkle: Pigmented and soft but can dry a little gritty if you don’t use with a lip balm or gloss. Most importantly a gorgeous colour.
132 Pinkie Gold Sparkle: My all time favourite.  Creamy, pigmented, glossy, beautiful colour, catches the light wonderfully.

140 Pink Sparkle: Very Strong colour but also very gritty.  Not a winner in my opinion.
147 Peachy Pink: Matte, requires a gloss/lipbalm but the colour is worth it despite how drying it is.
53 Coral: I can’t really comment on the colour with this one, my lips are very pigmented already, so this colour turns pink on me.  But I love it for its sheen.  It isn’t sparkly but it isn’t matte either, it sits happily in the middle. Thumbs up!
153 Pink Ribbon: One of their newest shades.  Its formulation is very creamy.  On the lips it looks almost glossy. I love love love the colour!  It reminds me of strawberries and cream.  My 3rd favourite colour

152 Vintage Rose: Another of their newest shades:  It’s very similar to my actual lip colour, just a little bit more dusky.  I wear it a lot.  The formulation is one of the best in the collection alongside numbers 153 and 132.  It’s my 2nd favourite colour of my collection.
144 Cerise Pink: This is very pigmented and therefore a little bit too strong for me so I don’t really wear it often enough to have an opinion on it.
141 Royal Raspberry: The perfect colour for that vampy look.  Honestly you can’t beat it, its dark, its daring, its pigmented, its actually a lot darker than it is showing up in the swatch on my arm, the picture really isn’t doing it any justice at all, trust me, it’s a great lipstick to have in your collection for occasions such as Halloween. 
107: Horrible, pointless, don’t by it.  The downfall of this collection.  There is always one dud in every range, and this is it.

Apologies if I repeated myself numerous times, but pretty much all of them really are little gems
Gina xxx


  1. hi Gina,
    You did a good swatches.
    I like it.

  2. Thank you for those swatches, although this article is pretty old. It helps me to decide which lipstick shade I will buy :-) Nice pictures!